White Wine and the Range of Grape Varieties

By Tom Pretty

There are few things better in life than a fantastic glass of wine and some scrumptious food. Many people however are often left bewildered by the choice of red and white wines but drinkers should not be afraid of wine, selecting the right one is simply a matter of choice and matching it to the food that is being served. This article intends to highlight some of the white wines available on the market and the types of grapes used in production.

Chardonnay is one of the most popular and well known varieties of grape used in the production of white wines. It was originally from the Burgundy region of France although it is also important in the Champagne region. The reason for the popularity of the Chardonnay grape is that is it can be grown in places around the world, it is a popular grape variety in many new world vineyards. It produces white wines full of flavours, particularly vanilla, spice, melon and lemony tones.

Sauvignon Blanc is another extremely popular grape originating from the Loire Valley and Bordeaux region of France, although vineyards in Chile and New Zealand have incorporated the grape well. This grape is often mixed with Semillon when used to produce Sauternes, a dessert wine from the Bordeaux region. Characteristics of white wines produced with this grape are dryness, aromas of cut grass and minerals and the tastes of gooseberries and tropical fruits.

Riesling is a grape variety that does not originate in France. Having a home in Germany the Riesling grape is also popular in Australia and the Alsace region of France. In the past German wines have not received the best of press due to the flooding of foreign markets with cheap, sweet wines; today however it is possible to find great white wines from Germany, customers simply have to find a quality producer.

Chenin Blanc is one of the more recent grape varieties in wine making terms. However this grape has the ability to create fine dessert wines that will age well with time. Grown originally in the Loire Valley it is also a popular crop in South Africa. Chenin Blanc wines however do not have to be sweet, some varieties will go equally well with savoury dishes. Flavours in Chenin wines include quince, honey and minerals.

There are many other grape varieties used in the production of white wines. Ultimately the choice of grape is important for wine makers; they can be combined with other grapes or manufactured solely to produce wine. It is hoped that this article has educated a little on subject of wine and will eventually help the reader in selecting the right bottle when purchasing.

Tom Pretty has sampled wine from many vineyards all around the world. In this article a specific look is taken at the subject of white wine and in particular the types of grape varieties used in production.

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